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Sometimes you're the windshield....

Long time, no blather. I wish I had a tag line, like, "it's been a quiet week at Lake Wobegone...", something that would instantly put the reader at ease, snuggled in and ready to hear the latest chapter in the Curried Spam saga. I'll have to work on that.

In the mean time, suffice to say that life's been throwing me a mess o' lemons. I won't bore you with the whole lost job/Tucker's knee surgery & rehab/trying to get a drivers license for the first time at 42/mourning loved ones lost/trying desperately to keep others alive through the new year. Darn it! too late.

Any hew.. The point is, we all have times in our lives when everything gets turned upside down and we're forced to reflect on our place in the universe, the choices we've made, and the upcoming decisions we must face. Let's call it the phoenix period.

As terrifyingly stressfully overwhelming these times can be, they are also freeing. When your entire routine is shattered, you get to build a new one. It's like a cosmic "do over".

Activists get to reexamine their time spent trying to change the world. Is what we're doing time well spent? Or is it merely a distraction from the rest of our routine? Something to make us feel like we haven't simply sold out and become "the man"?

The bi activist community has been having this discussion on one of the justice league, super secret, ultra cool listservs dedicated to ending bi phobia in our life time.

We tend to still act - us old time super heroes - like we must protest for bi inclusion at every opportunity. But while we were fighting for this, something weird happened.

For the most part, we got what we asked for. There are bi leaders in most major GLBT organizations, there's that bi lammy. I'm judging a GLBT lammy category this year, as we have too many bisexuals involved to stay ghetto-ized in just one award. More and more lesbians can shake my hand without flinching as I come out. And the new generation is increasingly scratching their heads when listening to us old folk talk about biphobia. They live in a new, better world.

Yet bi activists have been slow to change. Have we won everything? No. is there more to do? sure. Do I like to answer my own questions? you betcha.

The main problem is - why would anyone change a tactic that clearly has worked?

Each of us, at one point, will be forced into a phoenix period. One by one, we will have to examine why we do what we do, how effective it is, and how best to move forward.

While reflecting on this, if you happen to know someone who works at a high tech company in in need of a high tech type bisexual in the New England area, drop me a line. My job coach says I should be networking to find that next job adventure


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Dec. 8th, 2007 05:51 pm (UTC)
I wish I had a tag line

How about Long time, no blather, I think that's pretty funny myself. Or maybe you could hold a contest??
Sep. 12th, 2008 05:35 am (UTC)
Thank you so much for the validation!!
Finally, someone who maybe can understand the message behind my name. All of the time, I get asked do I live in AZ or did I used to live there. Then, I need to step back, breathe, and state pretty much what the legend/ mythos behind my name truly is. Once the realization dawns on them, they are like, WOW, what a cool handle then. I awakened and saw right away (blessings of my faith as it were) that to continue forth in this new understanding, I needed to acknowledge and inform everyone what is so significant behind my name. I have been reborn and while I still struggle incessantly with growing pains, I would not ever take back this time where I have stepped up to the plate and shown that phoenix's (can't figure out that plural either lol) around the world are happening and becoming a part of this history once again. Thanks for just showing that someone, somewhere does understand and I wish you many blessings to further bisexuality as a valid orientation, despite what other's think. I hope that someday soon (once I finish my degree in web design/ programmer) I will be able to offer my services towards making other people's dreams a reality as well. In time, I dream it might be possible and with that hope I take courage every day that I do well in school. Keep the faith and know that there are many who do stand behind you and are thankful for your dedicated service to our community.

Phoenix :D
Nov. 20th, 2009 07:38 am (UTC)
thanks for the post, we are staying now just on the beginning of a long long road
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