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Rural Book Lovers

I did not sleep last night; my lammy books showed up.

I adore reading, but I have zero tolerance for bad books.  Blame it on growing up with the tv for a nanny; a introductory sentence can cause me to toss a book.  This wouldn't be a problem if I lived in a city. I could get my latte, sit down with a pile of candidates, filter at will. This winners would get to come home with me and either relax in the hot tub or curl up in my bed. 

Alas, that is not to be. I live in "the sticks", 45 minutes from the closest book store. Said book store has two whole shelves of GLBT books!  They add one title per decade.  My book seller of choice (she says with some humility) is  Sure, I would be a better human if I supported a queer book store, but I don't just like queer books.  I like straight ones, gay ones, boys, girls, intersex, trans, and asexual books.

The main problem with amazon is the search criteria.  They recommend books, sure, but they are wrong as often as they are right.  I like tough female detectives - then I must like a 40 something year old recently divorced mother of two who finds the bad guys while searching for her true love.  Huh?  Or I like Augusten Burroughs memoirs, so I must want to read thoughts from the former head of the armed forced in Afghanistan.  My tastes can't be  summarized in a book database.

Enter the lammys.  Sure, I  got into the "bi inclusion" action for purely political purposes (and to avenge "Bi Any other Name"). What I came away with was a better way to find books. The Lambda Book Report provides full page insights into the latest in GLBT literature.   Better yet was the experience at the lammies. Attendees could speak with authors, judges, publicists directly. We could ask, for example, how bitter the author was when they wrote it; how much of that comes across to the reader.  Or we could learn never to support a particularly biphobic author.  

From my hotel, I was able to order 13 new books (free 2 day delivery with amazon prime).   Opening the boxes was better than Christmas.  I was overwhelmed.  Should I start with the  the book with the best graphic? the best summary? or opening line ("Parmesan cheese. My troubles all started with parmesan cheese.").

I went with the one with the quote from Diane Sawyer (The History of Swimming by Kim Powers). Amazing book, but a bad one to start at 5pm.  Oh well, I can sleep when I find out what happened to his brother.

Thank you Lambda for opening my eyes to so many great works.

Tags: bi books, glbt literature, lambda book report, lambda literary foundation

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