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How i spent my bi vacation

The most common question I'm asked each Sept 24rd is "what did YOU do to celebrate bisexuality?" I built a greenhouse.

Social change work matters (otherwise I wouldn't volunteer all my free time. You thought BiNet board members got paid?? Silly you!). Yet, bi activism doesn't have victories like other forms - no individual life saved, no elections results altered, few concrete results one can point to and say "I did that".

No - the reality is a day of web site additions, emails from closeted bisexuals looking for others who can help figure things out, letters to prisoners, exchanges with partners doing similar work, fielding requests for information on starting a local group. It's all valuable, important, and satisfying - at some level.

Yet, as the leaves start to change color in New England, my drive starts to wane. Does any of this matter? What did I DO with my life for the past year? Autumn is a natural time for reflection, I suppose. Life cycles coming to an end, harvests fill the house, the outdoor freedom of "snow free" walks are limited.

Years ago, I combined this seasonal "blah" with CBD. Each year, I build something. Something physical, visible, and needed. Something to represent the non-physical tasks I've done in the name of bi activism.

This year, it's a second greenhouse. OK, technically, it's a greenhouse. It's true purpose (besides providing year round lettuce) is to shield our outdoor hot tub. The plan is to ensure access to a warm relaxing spot on those "too long" days in February. Those days when everything seems pointless.

The construction was an adventure. For example, we didn't notice until the roof was over our heads that I built it one section too small (for the wall frame) and had to start over. Or the time when one of our dogs stepped on (and through) one of the louver kits. None of that matters in the end.

For the next year, I have something that represents my bi activism. When my inbox is overflowing, I can look to my backyard and be reminded - the decision to do "something" yields more than the choice to do nothing.
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