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A.J. - RIP?

Many a fantasy life was dimmed last week, when it was reported that the bigger lipped half of Brangelina has given up her bisexual label. Upon hearing this, I donned black for a week (the official mourning time for ex-bi's). Surely, this highly evolved goddess didn't compare bisexuality to S&M! How could the womyn who caused my breath to stop continually for over a decade.. how could SHE minimize who we are?

But when I finally got around to reading the actual quote, I found a different story from what was hyped. I've decided it's ok to continue to plan a future with her.

The full quote: "I've never hidden my bisexuality. But since I've been with Brad, I abandoned women. Now there is no room for that or S&M in my life." (side note, left out the middle sentence, resulting in a very different quote)

Yes, the pairing of a sexuality and S&M was ignorant. When I get my audience with her (a grrl can dream, can't she?) we'll discuss how bisexuality means more than sleeping with women.

But what the quote actually says - at least to me, is that she's found her life partner and chooses to make a monogamous life with said partner.

The press has a history of turning such announcements into proof that a person is turning their back on the queer community and taking the easy way out. Look at the hit Ani DiFranco took when she found a male soul mate - cd sales went down and she became the butt of many a lesbian joke.

This is yet another example of how a monosexually oriented press continues to split the world into straight and gay - even bisexuals.

I happened to be partnered, monogamously, with a person of the penile gender. As such, I do not plan on sleeping with women again (unless I outlive him, he becomes a jerk and I leave him, or we renegotiate our relationship at some later date). Does this mean I've turned my back on the bi community? I sure hope not, or someone will come by and steal my neat little "president of BiNet" title.

Until she reports that her "bi life" was a mistake and she's straight, I'll continue to consider her a beautiful bi icon. Perhaps I'm just blinded by her smile.
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