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Imagine a dozen or so cabins, sandwiched between Lake Michigan and a little wanna-be lake, accessible only by boat. Kids kayaking, swimming, hiking, doing arts & crafts, and learning how to lead the GLBT movement.

I was lucky enough to participate in the first national Camping Out ( last week. 21 youth interacted with camp counselors, professional GLBT youth service providers, and national GLBT organization reps.

Like most camps, every minute of the day is scheduled. Starting at 8am with the optional plunge into Lake Michigan, the day is ruled by a giant bell.

Unlike most camps... some cabins are gender mixed. You'll hear many more showtunes than usual. If you're like, you just might spot George practicing his vogue skills.

My favorite activity was the youth led, bi group discussion. I asked Lex to run this 20 minutes before the discussion. Although she had never facilitated a discussion before, she agreed. She even came up with the introductory skit (each activity has to be pitched to the campers; they choose from 3 options).

She stood up front, sang "Only thing to to is jump over the moon.." and asked for the name of the musical, the character who sang the song, and her sexuality. Seriously! In front of the entire camp, a cappella!

We then moved to the lodge, where interested youth and elders.. bi, lesbian, gay, trans discussing everything from bi stereotypes, to how people cope with being monogamous (should they choose to).

I haven't slept for a few days, but it was worth every droopy eyelid.

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